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About Penny Fausta

Penny Fausta is a leading provider of clinical pharmacy services located in the community of West Hillhurst in Calgary, Alberta. We combine our wealth of specialized knowledge with a passion for personalized care and convenient digital systems that quickly connect us with doctors, pharmacists and patients.


At Penny Fausta, we’re committed to caring for our community and always strive to bring our best to the people we serve. That’s why we go beyond the scope of a regular drugstore, advising and supporting our customers on their journey to better health. This is why you'll find thoughtfully curated, locally crafted, sustainable products on our shelves that are good for you, and good for the world. 


We draw on our values of empathy, innovation, quality and collaboration to make Penny Fausta Pharmacy a place to be proud of.


Our clinical pharmacists have the specialized training to treat and manage diabetes, mental health, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular disease or related conditions, addiction and complex diseases that require multiple drug therapies.

The Team




Dr. Angela Coleman


Dr. Diane Lee


Ellie Thomson

Front Shop Retail Clerk

Kaya Shepherd 

Pharmacy Assistant

Jessica Kneesch

Pharmacy Technician

Manuela Schuetz

 Pharmacy Assistant

Ryan Marsall


Emily Kardash


Jessica Nguyen

Pharmacy Technician

Penny Fausta is based on helpful services offered in a thoughtful, personal and caring way. But we're also forward thinking, we want to help improve peoples lives, we want to improve ourselves.  We're looking at ways to innovate and make our services better and even more helpful for our customers.

- Geoff Gordon, Co-Founder of PENNY FAUSTA 

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