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Our experienced pharmacists combine active pharmaceutical ingredients to produce medications in forms and strengths that might not be available commercially.

Connect with us to find out if compounding is right for you. 

Why Choose Compounding?

What is it & who is it for?

  • Personalization & Alternative Forms: Compounded medications are customized for you. This ensures the perfect dosage, form, and even flavor. 

  • Allergy Relief: If you're allergic to certain ingredients found in standard medications, worry not – compounding allows us to omit those allergens, creating a safe solution just for you.

  • Tailored Dosages: Sometimes, standard dosages aren't quite right. Compounding enables us to craft medications at the exact dosage you require.

  • Convenience & Compliance: Compounded medications can combine multiple treatments into one, making your routine simpler.

What we
will need to know.

  • Your Alberta Health Care number

  • Insurance Information - Your insurance may cover more than you think.

  • Current Medication & Medical History

  • Medical History - Depending on what service you're interested in, our pharmacists or doctors may need to know* 

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