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Travel planning

Travel Clinic

Planning your next travel adventure? Stay healthy and prevent travel-related illnesses. 


Penny Fausta’s Travel Health Certified Pharmacists provide travel consultations, travel health advice, administer onsite vaccines & write prescriptions.

Please call us to book an appointment

Penny Fausta Travel Clinic.

Travel Consultations

A travel consultation at Penny Fausta is a personalized session with one of our Travel Health Certified Pharmacists, where we provide expert advice on destination-specific vaccinations, medications, and health precautions to ensure you have a safe and healthy journey

Onsite Travel Vaccines

We conveniently offer a wide range of essential vaccinations administered on-site to protect you on your journey. 

Onsite Prescriptions

Essential medications and prescriptions may be recommended during your travel consultation. Our Travel Health Certified Pharmacists can write and fill these prescriptions for you on-site and answer any questions you may have. 

we will need
to know...

  • Your Alberta Health Care number

  • Insurance Information - Your insurance may cover more than you think.

  • Current Medication & Medical History

  • Medical History - Depending on what service you're interested in, our pharmacists or doctors may need to know* 

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