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Your local pharmacy.

Healthy. Personal.

A fresh approach to your care.

We are a full service pharmacy with healthy and vibrant products.

Penny Fausta Flu Shots

Looking to stave off the flu this fall & winter? Bookings will be open from early October, 2023 throughout the flu season.

Covid Vaccines & Booster shots are available now, please contact us at at 403 455 6580 or come by the pharmacy.

We're here to help. 


Penny Fausta Covid 19 Vaccinations

Penny Fausta is vaccinating for Covid 19 including the new Moderna Bivalent vaccine. Online booking for appointments is available. Should you require any assistance with booking please contact us at 403 455 6580.

With Penny Fausta you can now manage your medication online.

Manage your medication at home, at the office or on the go. View your medication information. Quickly

order and refill prescriptions. Select your pickup and delivery times. Manage all of your family medications in one app.  Connect directly to Penny Fausta using PharmaConnect today!


Download the app and create your account here.


Penny Fausta has same day delivery service!

It's all about convenience. Penny Fausta has same day delivery services within our community. Available for your prescriptions and any retail products you may need! Ask today or select your delivery time on the PharmaConnect app

(some exceptions may apply)

"This Pharmacy is truly unique.  Penny and Fausta are amazing in both their knowledge and personalities.  They make you feel very comfortable with asking questions about your medications.  Not only that, their store is amazing and so many great products. Not your typical pharmacy!  Check it out!
" - PENNY FAUSTA Customer

We'll happily fill or refill your prescriptions. Moving your prescriptions over to Penny Fausta is easy.

Penny Fausta is a full service pharmacy including prescription fulfillment, compounding, blister packaging services, and more. Whether you're renewing a prescription, or you have been prescribed a new medication, we'll help you get what you need. Should you require any assistance please call us at 403 455 6580.


Our pharmacists can write and renew prescriptions for you.

Do you have a prescription that you regularly need to refill? Our clinical pharmacists can re-new and even write you a new prescription in many cases. We'll be happy to review your personal medical needs and help you out. Online booking for appointments is available. Should you require any assistance with booking please contact us at 403 455 6580.

"Penny Fausta. The people are so great, providing service with real care, thoughtfully curated products and the space... well the space is simply beautiful. If you haven't already discovered Penny Fausta, you need to." - PENNY FAUSTA Customer


Our pharmacists offer medication reviews and consultations. 

Penny Fausta helps patients understand and get the best results from their prescriptions. Whether you are looking for advice on alternative therapies or you are living with a chronic disease and want help to better manage. We want to help you achieve your best quality of life. 

Online booking for appointments is available. Should you require any assistance with booking please contact us at 403 455 6580.

Our pharmacists have experience, training and knowledge in several health categories.



Complications, Risk Factors, Monitoring, Diet & Nutrition and more.

mental health 2_edited.jpg

Mental Health

Depression & Anxiety Medications, Diet & Nutrition,  Supplements and more.

asthma 1_edited.jpg

Asthma | COPD

Medications, Complications, Risk Factors, Diet & Nutrition and more.

heart 1_edited.jpg

Heart | Cardiovascular

Medications, Complications, Risk Factors, Diet & Nutrition and more.

cessation 1_edited.jpg

Addiction | Cessation

Medications, Diet & Nutrition and more.

Not easy for you to get to the pharmacy? No problem!

Our pharmacists can help you via phone or video chats.

We work with Physicians and healthcare professionals

Penny Fausta offers industry leading clinical pharmacist services to health care professionals in the community.  Are you looking for a pharmacist to help in your clinic? Maybe you have a particular patient that is having drug related problems? What ever it is, we work with physicians and help them find success in providing the very best heath care possible.


"Penny Fausta is based on helpful services offered in a thoughtful, personal and caring way. But we're also forward thinking, we want to help improve peoples lives, we want to improve ourselves. We're looking at ways to innovate and make our services better and even more helpful for our customers."

- Geoff Gordon, Co-Founder of PENNY FAUSTA 

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