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Did you know... Penny Fausta specializes in clinical pharmacists services?

Clinical pharmacists can play a key role in providing you with quality healthcare. Pharmacists are experts in medicines and use their clinical expertise, together with their practical knowledge, to advise you on health concerns, such as existing medication management, medication interactions, diabetes management, colds, flus, aches and pains, as well as healthy eating and stopping smoking.

If you have a medical condition and you have been prescribed a medication, you can ask your pharmacist for advice on the medication. The pharmacist will ask you a range of questions to ensure you're provided with the right medicine and they will explain everything you need to know about your new medicine, including how to take it, and advise you about any common side effects.

You can talk to your pharmacist in confidence, even about the most personal symptoms. You can make an appointment or you can walk into Penny Fausta, and most pharmacies, and ask to speak with a pharmacist. Penny Fausta has very private consultation rooms where you can discuss your needs with one of our pharmacists in complete confidence. Alternatively, you can also arrange a consultation over the phone.

At Penny Fausta we also work with and support physicians and other health care professionals with clinical advice on medications for their patients.

Ask us today about our clinical services!

Penny Fausta is a locally owned, independent Calgary pharmacy / drugstore offering a full line of clinical pharmacy services, drug prescription services, as well as high-quality, healthy products including beauty and skin care, home care and a wide range of vitamin and health supplements.

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