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One Cycle Spin Studio

Penny Fausta - Juniper Ridge

Penny Fausta and One Cycle are gettin' together!

Well, we couldn't be happier... Elmira and Paul, and the entire One Cycle team are leading the way in active and healthy living. We love that and we love their spin studio too!

Come on down to One Cycle Spin Studio this Sunday, Nov 4 between 8 and noon. One Cycle has their 40 day challenge in full gear and Penny Fausta will be "in tha house" with some really great health supplements and personal care products. All One Cycle members/guests will receive 20% off on Penny Fausta's products so don't miss out!

Penny Fausta is a locally owned, independent Calgary pharmacy / drugstore offering a full line of clinical pharmacy services, drug prescription services, as well as high-quality, healthy products including beauty and skin care, home care and a wide range of vitamin and health supplements.


Penny Fausta

217 - 19 St NW

Calgary, AB, Canada

Ph: 403 455-6580

#HealthyLiving #HealthWellness

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