October 24, 2018


Healthy and simple... we like that. Today at Penny Fausta we want to brag a bit about Sproos. Enhanced collagen supplements to keep you moving, healing, and glowing!


Founded by Leah & John Garrad-Cole of Whistler BC (husband and wife team behind Love Child Organics), Sproos was born from a personal health journey. When Leah began experiencing gut-related health issues, collagen became an essential part of her self-care routine and helped her get back on her feet. 

During Leah’s recovery to better health, she became frustrated with the natural health supplement options available: many of them had confusing labels with big price tags. So, Leah and John combined their business experience along with their passionate belief in the multiple health benefits of collagen, and decided to develop their own brand of enhanced collagen supplements. 
They did their research, sourced the highest quality ingredients available and created Sproos. Functional beverages that provide purposeful, clean, sustainable nutrition. A natural, and functional way to get proactive with your personal health.


The human body is an amazing, wonderful thing until it isn’t moving and grooving quite the way it used to. Whether it’s a recovery session after a night out or a sudden inability to straighten up after bending over, we all get some subtle (and not so subtle) messages that our body is aging. But not to worry, the fine lines, nagging aches and pains and sore joints are just your body’s way of telling you that it needs a little extra support. While it’s true that we can’t turn back the clock, we can all make our health a priority and using collagen supplements is one simple step to help give our body the support it needs.


Come down to Penny Fausta on West 19th and get started with Sproos products today!


Penny Fausta is a locally owned, independent Calgary pharmacy / drugstore offering a full line of clinical pharmacy services, high-quality, healthy products including a wide ranging vitamin and supplement offering.

Penny Fausta

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