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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools

Penny Fausta's team is always exploring and not just for great products. We live (and are huge proponents of) active lifestyles that often have us outdoors on hikes, bikes, walks, paddles, rides... you name it. That leads us to today's topic... VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools.

Friends of ours from BC, Todd Weimer and his crew (avid outdoors people) started with superior quality LED lights that utilize the form factor of traditional flashlights. The function of each VSSL unit extends well beyond illumination. Each unique VSSL offers an extremely compact and efficient way of transporting your essential outdoor gear, without compromising valuable pack space and weight.

VSSL offers multiple variations of tools including supply kits, first aid kits, cache kits, shelter kits, a flask and the hilarious Zombie Kit (yes it is designed to kill Zombies) and, of course, you can even build your own kit.

VSSL products have been showcased and reviewed in many of the most popular online sites as well as Popular Mechanics, Men's Fitness, TIME, and Outside Magazine. Last night they "killed it" on Dragons Den getting offers from most of the panel and securing a solid investment from Lane Merrifield. Nice work fellas!

Interested in VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools? Come visit us in West Hillhurst. We have VSSL products and, yes, they are as cool as they look.

Penny Fausta is a Calgary based independent pharmacy offering a full suite of pharmacy services along with high quality, healthy products. Come down to Penny Fausta on West 19th and check out the complete line of products and services.


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