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Penny Fausta - Brush Naked

Penny Fausta strives to find and offer the very best and healthiest products for us, our homes and our planet. From the ingredients used to manufacturing techniques, even packaging. We look for high quality, healthy and thoughtfully produced products to offer our customers, old and new. Today we want to let you know about Brush Naked. A new toothbrush line made out of moso bamboo.

The idea for the Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Company came when founder, Sean McHaffie, was traveling and had worn out his toothbrush. As he threw it in the garbage can it occurred to him, "What a waste! There has to be a better way to prevent all the plastic toothbrushes from ending up in landfills"

Sean did his research and found the options for environmentally friendly toothbrushes to be limited. The Brush Naked Bamboo Toothbrush Company was born.

100% moso bamboo handles

100% plant-based bristle option

100% compostable toothbrush

All Brush Naked toothbrushes are made from Chinese moso bamboo. The Bamboo boxes are made and printed in British Columbia.

Bamboo Brush Naked toothbrushes are just cool. They work great, they are awesome for travel and they do no harm to our planet. We hope you will agree. Happy Mouth! Happy Planet!

Penny Fausta is a Calgary based independent pharmacy offering a full suite of pharmacy services along with high quality, healthy products. Come down to Penny Fausta on West 19th and check out the complete line of products and services.

Penny Fausta is a locally owned, independent Calgary pharmacy / drugstore offering a full line of clinical pharmacy services, high-quality, healthy products including a wide ranging vitamin and supplement section.


Penny Fausta

217 - 19 St NW

Calgary, AB, Canada

Ph: 403 455-6580

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