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Your local pharmacy.

Healthy. Personal.

A fresh approach to your care.

Penny Fausta is a full service pharmacy that also offers healthy and vibrant products.

"We put our first names because that keeps us humble and approachable, it also makes us remember that we are behind our services and products, it reminds us that our reputation is built every day, and that means bringing the best to our clients and patients." - Penny Thomson, Co-Founder of PENNY FAUSTA 

Just a few of the brands we offer at Penny Fausta

High quality. Crafted with care. Healthy.

Penny Fausta is a retail boutique with beautiful product offerings.

We offer healthy, fresh and vibrant products curated by our dedicated team. We work with niche suppliers both local and abroad. We want to help improve the health and wellness of the people in our communities.

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Skin Care

Creams, Lotions, Butters, Scrubs and more.



Vitamins, Minerals, Amino's, Omega 3's, Adaptogens,  and more.


First Aid

Pain Relief, Cold & Flu, First Aid, Athletic Supplies, and more.   


Oral Care

All Natural Toothpaste, Floss, Rinses, Oral Tools and more.


Home Care

All Natural Cleaners, Confectionary, Linens, Kitchen Utensils and more. 

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